At Hatchell Media we pride ourselves on staying current with todays rapidly evolving technology.  We continually upgrade our servers hardware and software.

With over 50,000 youth using our technology, our security is state of the art to protect them.

Some of the features you can have with your web site.

  • We can help you from scratch if needed. Domains registration, Google My Business, web sites that rate your business
  • Fully up to date WordPress Site
  • Automatic news letters
  • Shopping Cart
  • Feed to your social networks and Google My Business
  • Feed to Google Shopping
  • Community platform like facebook
  • Auto. blog from your favorite RSS feeds
  • Contact forms, polls and surveys
  • Advertising platform
  • Subscription platform
  • Sitemaps fed to search engines
  • Amazon market feed

Our hosting includes

  • Security scans and blocking of spammers
  • Weekly report on performance of web site: Visitors, speed, lockouts, etc
  • Daily Backup
  • Automatic plugin, theme and WordPress updates

Hosting starts at $10.  Contact us for more information.